Supporting data integration at both syntactic and semantic level is the goal of the Linked Data (LD) paradigm, which we will use in this project in the tourism setting. Concretely, our aim is to support tourism data owners to publish, connect and subsequently exploit their data sources for supporting decisions by following Linked Data principles. This aim translates into the following objectives:

  • O1: Publish tourism indicators as high quality Linked Data. While many tourism indicator datasets exist, these are either not available as LD or have been exposed by third parties as low- quality datasets. Our objective is to create a high quality Linked Data repository of tourism (and related) indicators based on TourMIS2, the largest and most detailed European dataset of tourism indicators. To ensure a high quality publication we will focus on (i) a high data interoperability through detailed semantic specifications and (ii) improved traceability by specifying data provenance. This objective will be achieved in work package (WP) 1.
  • O2: Extend and connect tourism data with external indicators: Tourism decision makers often analyze tourism indicators in tandem with indicators that are external to the domain, for example, those that shed light on sustainability or economic developments within a target region. Our objective is to extend the ETIHQ repository with indicators extracted from external sources, convert these to LD, record their provenance and link them to the ETIHQ data, as part of WP2.
  • O3: Build a tourism decision support application. Decision support applications that allow simultaneous analysis of indicators from diverse domains are scarce in tourism and generally as LD applications. We will leverage the ETIHQ data for offering decision support to tourism experts by combining multiple indicators into a hybrid success metric¬†and visualising data from different sources. By creating a usable prototype in WP3 we will validate the ETIHQ dataset and provide an insight into the tradeoffs of LD for the tourism domain and beyond.