• Marta Sabou, Irem Onder:  From Multi-Domain Statistical Data to Complex Decisions and Actions: A Linked Data based Approach, September 2014. Complex decision making processes in tourism often need to be based on an understanding of how economy and environment indicators correlate with tourism specific data, for example, how do GDP changes in Japan influence arrivals to Europe from Japan? how do arrivals to Spain correlate with changes in its environment in terms of the emitted CO2? In this talk we describe the ETIHQ decision support tool that allows such complex decisions and therefore goes beyond the mono-domain (i.e., only tourism data based) investigations currently enabled by TourMIS. We also highlight aspects of the underlying technical solution which is based on the novel Linked Data technology.
    • Arno Scharl: A Big Data Approach to Knowledge Integration and Visualization for Tourism Destinations. September 2014
    • Arno Scharl: “Web Intelligence zur Entscheidungsunterstützung im Tourismus”, Tourismus 2020, May 2014.
    • Irem Arsal: Linked Data for Tourism, TourMIS Workshop, September 2013. How can linked data technology be used in the tourism domain? This talk by Irem Arsal at the annual TourMIS workshop explores this issue and presents some work we have been doing together in this direction, before ETIHQ.